A day in the life of a Tattoo Apprentice

Written by Sinéad Kennard

So you want to be a Tattoo Apprentice? Here’s everything you need to know…

Once you’ve secured yourself a Tattoo Apprenticeship and have picked up the general flow of how your studio operates, you most likely will be relied upon to be self sufficient. Your duties include maintaining product stock levels (ordering on schedule), setting up bays for other Tattoo Artists, and keeping on top of producing your own design’s regularly.

Let’s get started

When you start your Tattoo Apprenticeship with us, we provide you with a detailed Apprentice Handbook which is yours to constantly refer to. This outlines the studio’s ethos, guidelines, structure, expectations and duties in further detail. You will also gain insight and learn from all of our artists and have check-ins with your mentor to ensure you are positively maintaining the workload.

A specific day for a Tattoo Apprentice at The Old Stables Tattoo Studio entails:

  • Opening the studio: once entrusted, you would have your own set of keys.
  • Ensuring the studio meets our standards. Does it look clean and organised?
  • Setting up bays for other Tattoo Artists (clingfilmed and ready to tattoo from)
  • Ordering any necessary stock (ie kitchen roll. Each Tattoo Artist is in charge of their own Tattoo Machine and ink.) Each studio will have different systems in place. I.e some may not provide any materials for Tattoo Artists.
  • Drawing, drawing and more drawing… often starting with small flash pieces. You will not be tattooing straight away! Establishing a strong consistent style for your own individual brand and building on this.
  • Posting on your social media and gaining a social media presence.
  • Observing other artists. This is an amazing way to learn first hand and understand tattooing dos and don’ts.
  • Cleaning up bays.
  • Tidying up the studio. Restocking cupboards.
  • Answering the store phone/emails when Studio Manager is not in.
  • Closing the studio. Locking up.

When your mentor sees that you are ready, only then will you start tattooing. You will be in charge of your own bookings and replying to social media messages.

Key skills obtained:

  • Multi tasking
  • Marketing skills
  • Brand awareness
  • Reception – telephone skills/email efficiency
  • Confident and clear communicator
  • Artistic growth
  • Independence

In return:

  • Opportunity to develop i.e Junior Tattoo Artist, Senior Tattoo Artist, Studio Deputy Manager, Studio Manager
  • Expanding. New sites. New client bases/opportunities.
  • Shadow big names in the industry, learn first hand tips of the trade.
  • Mentored and supported by highly skilled experts.
  • Eventually on track for a reputable salary.
  • Designs shared on company social media and website which helps you build your brand and client base.

We have one Tattoo Apprentice at a time. If you have checked out our blog ‘Is Tattooing A Career For You?’ and a day in the life as a Tattoo Apprentice sounds appealing, we are always keen to hear from you.

At The Old Stables Tattoo Studio we champion a diverse workplace which in turn encourages a greater variety in styles and studio community. You can email us at with your portfolio and crucially why you want to be a Tattoo Apprentice with us. You can also visit us to enquire.

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