All About The Old Stables Tattoo Studio

Written by Sinéad Kennard

Our story

Welcome to our first blog all about The Old Stables Tattoo Studio. We are a growing tattoo artist collective of 10+ incredible tattooists. Everyone here champions the belief that honesty and a  friendly customer experience is paramount. Above all we create a space where everyone can thrive. This is a  driving force that runs through our ethos to reshape the misconceptions of the tattoo industry. Not only in our local community but beyond.

Nicholas Dimpsey (AKA @dimpseytattoo) began his tattooing career back in 2012. As his in depth knowledge and passion for the industry grew, he wanted to create a new space that provided a fuller customer journey and education. In April 2019 he opened The Old Stables Tattoo Studio and now with a growing team of over 10 artists has not looked back.

Our artists’ tattoo styles include realism, fine line, illustrative black work, neo-traditional, colour, Japanese and traditional. As well as offering a plethora of tattoo styles, the studio provides piercings, aftercare products, numbing cream and merchandise.

We always encourage everyone to get in contact with any questions and queries; from placement recommendations to cover ups. Whether it is your first tattoo or a full leg sleeve we want to empower you to make the decision that is right for you. Our blog will be outlining all the different processes from our pricing structure, the start to finish experience of getting a tattoo in our studio, pain expectations and aftercare routines.

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