Illustrative • Black & Grey

Aneae Tattoo Artist

Meet Aneae, resident tattoo artist at The Old Stables.

When Aneae was a child she was was constantly drawing animals and people which played a huge role in turning into the illustrative tattooist she is today. Aneae studied fine arts at school, spending years in life drawing classes with her Scottish art teacher. Then went onto Loughborough University to study Graphics and Illustration.

Since taking on a tattoo apprenticeship in London in 2021, her tattoo style has become very illustrative and has created many animal pieces, some which are drawn dead – check out her portfolio for the latest!

Aneae conjures up a melting pot of visual emotions as she cleverly captures mass, movement and contortion in her tattoos and artwork. Her style is just how her hand wants to move, what her brain wants to come up with. Aneae always goes back to pencil and paper for ideas – mostly a spot of nighttime drawing brings out her best work.

As your tattoo artist, Aneae is dedicated to bringing your ideas to life and ensuring a memorable experience at The Old Stables. Book in with Aneae today!

Aneae’s Portfolio