Betty Nyikes

Ornamental & dotwork • Any Colour

Betty Nyikes Tattoo Artist
Betty Nyikes Tattoo Artist

Meet Betts, resident tattoo artist at The Old Stables.

Betts’ journey into the world of art involved 8 years of dedicated study. Her creative drive has been with her from a young age.

Her uncle played a pivotal role in shaping her path. She fondly remembers getting her first tattoo from him at 16, igniting the spark to become a tattoo artist.

The ability to boost people’s confidence and witness the joy that beautiful tattoos bring them is a rewarding experience for Betts. One of her most powerful moments was when a client expressed how her artwork had improved their self-esteem, which deeply touched her.

As for her style, Betts often delves into the intricate realms of ornamental and dotwork designs, where details and patterns captivate her. She dedicates herself to creating visually stunning pieces that resonate with the individuality of the wearer.

Betts is committed to delivering a memorable experience, and as your tattoo artist, she’s here to transform your tattoo dreams into reality. Her goal is to make you feel confident and empowered through the artistry you create together.

Let’s design something beautiful that speaks to your heart. Betts is eager to meet you and embark on this creative journey.

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