Binay Gurung

Japanese • Full Colour

Binay Gurung Tattoo Artist
Binay Gurung Tattoo Artist

Meet Binay, resident tattoo artist at The Old Stables.

Binay’s journey into the world of tattooing began unexpectedly in his own home. What started as a hobby quickly turned into an undeniable passion. His love for drawings, paintings, and murals found a new canvas in tattoo art. Those early days were filled with tattooing friends for fun and embarking on journeys to learn from diverse sources. Now, after about 15 years, he proudly stands at The Old Stables.

Hailing from Nepal, Binay’s artistic journey is significantly influenced by his roots. Many of his designs draw inspiration from the rich and diverse culture of Nepal. It’s remarkable how art can bridge cultures and connect people.

When it comes to Binay’s tattoo style, he specialises in the captivating realm of Asian oriental art. His creations are a unique fusion of various Asian cultures, weaving together elements that reflect the beauty and depth of their shared heritage.

At The Old Stables, the team is more than just a tattoo studio in London; they’re a family of artists dedicated to creating a warm and welcoming space. As your tattoo artist, Binay is here to turn your ideas into stunning tattoos that reflect your individuality.

Whether you’re seeking an Asian-inspired masterpiece or something entirely unique, he’s excited to collaborate with you.

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