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Dom AKA DVA Tattoo Artist
Dom AKA DVA Tattoo Artist

Meet Dom, the resident tattoo artist at The Old Stables.

Dom’s journey into tattooing began as a client. After two years spent in tattoo shops, he realised his desire to delve deeper into this field. To convey his tattoo ideas, he started by sketching small, traditional designs to communicate his vision to the tattoo artist. As his passion for tattooing grew, he found himself drawing more frequently, eventually leading to an apprenticeship in that very shop.

Around the age of 17, Dom developed a deep appreciation for traditional tattoos, captivated by their bold lines and vibrant colours. He embarked on his career as a tattoo artist with a focus on creating designs with crisp, clean lines and minimalist features that are easily recognisable from a distance. While his artistic journey expanded to include geometric tattoos, blackwork and ornamental pieces, Dom stayed true to his “clean” artistic approach.

Beyond tattooing, Dom has a range of hobbies that bring him joy. He enjoys experimenting with cooking, continually seeking new recipes to explore. His passion for collecting trainers is a testament to his fascination with unique designs and styles. And, of course, his sausage dog, a faithful companion during daily walks, adds a dose of cheer to his life.

Working at The Old Stables is more than a job for Dom; it’s an opportunity to be part of a creative haven where artistry and warmth come together. As your tattoo artist, he is dedicated to crafting designs that mirror your vision and leave a lasting impression.

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