Aaroné Realmao

Japanese • Neo-traditional

Aaroné Realmao Tattoo Artist
Aaroné Realmao Tattoo Artist

Meet Aaroné, our Japanese tattoo artist at The Old Stables.

His passion for tattooing ignited at a young age and turned that dream into reality. Now our resident Japanese tattooist, his journey began at Lucky 7 Tattoo Studio in Luton, where he established a close connection with the talented Clive Bradbury. Under his expert guidance, Aaroné underwent an apprenticeship that exposed him to both traditional and modern tattooing techniques, shaping his career.

With 19 years of experience, Aaroné is a seasoned professional who excels in Japanese tattoos and traditional/neo traditional. Each tattoo serves as a canvas for his artistic expression, reflecting deep meaning and beauty for his clients.

Outside of the tattoo world, Aaroné enjoys time spent with his wife and daughter, who inspire and support him in both his personal and professional pursuits. When not tattooing, he indulges in diverse interests, from immersing himself in art and exploring beautiful Manor Houses to being an avid fan of MMA and boxing.

At The Old Stables in London, the team is more than just a studio; they’re a close-knit family of artists dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience. Whether you’re seeking a traditional masterpiece or a Japanese tattoo design, Aaroné is ready to create a stunning tattoo that tells your story.

Take a look at Aaroné’s latest tattoos on his Instagram page @myrealm_tattoo and book in with Aaroné via our contact page here.

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