Milan Boros

Realism & Surrealism • Black & Grey

Milan Boros Tattoo Artist
Milan Boros Tattoo Artist

Meet Milan, resident tattoo artist at The Old Stables.

Milan has a deep appreciation for street art and street culture. Originally hailing from Slovakia he’s been living in the UK since 2007 (with a few breaks). His tattoo journey began not as an aspiring artist, but as someone who enjoyed getting inked. Over time, a strong passion for tattooing developed, leading him to embark on a self-taught journey in 2016. However, by 2017, he was professionally tattooing and found his true calling in black and grey realism, a style he has always been drawn to.

Milan values an honest approach to tattooing, focusing on delivering the best results for his clients. He continually hones his skills through seminars by world-leading artists. You find him regularly participating in guest spots across the UK and Europe, with plans to expand to America soon.

Outside of tattooing, Milan is a devoted family man who adores his dog and the peaceful walks they take in the woods and countryside. Passionate about travel, cars, and exploring different cuisines at restaurants, he’s also a cinephile and enjoys the world of series. Podcasts like Joe Rogan’s and others provide him with constant inspiration and entertainment.

As your tattoo artist, Milan is dedicated to bringing your ideas to life and ensuring a memorable experience at The Old Stables. Whether you’re seeking a stunning black and grey realism piece or have other artistic visions in mind, he’s here to collaborate with you.

Milan’s Portfolio