Nicholas Dimpsey

Realism • Black & Grey

Nicholas Dimpsey Tattoo Artist
Nicholas Dimpsey Tattoo Artist

Welcome to The Old Stables Tattoo Studio. Meet Nick, the owner and resident tattoo artist.

Nick’s journey into the world of tattooing began during his teenage years as part of a vibrant street art community. This natural progression eventually led him to become a tattoo artist.

Tattooing has taken Nick on remarkable adventures, allowing him to travel to various countries and connect with people from diverse backgrounds. Destinations like Amsterdam and LA hold a special place in his heart. Along the way, he discovered his passion for realism, which has become the centrepiece of his decade-long career.

Originally from Ruislip, North West London, when Nick isn’t in the studio, he indulges in his love for art, collecting pieces from various artists, and immersing himself in the creative worlds of museums and galleries. He also cherishes quality time with his children and four-legged friend, savouring life’s simple pleasures.

At The Old Stables, we are more than just a tattoo parlour; we are a family united by our love for art and the desire to create meaningful tattoos that tell your unique story. Whether you’re seeking a stunning work of realism or an original artistic vision, Nick is here to bring your tattoo to life.

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