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Paula Tattoo Artist
Paula Tattoo Artist

Meet Paula, our resident tattoo artist at The Old Stables.

Paula’s tattoo journey began after a career in journalism and a stint as a coffee professional. But for her, life is all about pursuing dreams, and for her that was tattooing.

When it comes to Paula’s tattoo style, she specialises in fine line. The intricacy and precision of this style holds a special allure for her. In particular, fine line florals and delicate illustrative designs, each of which tells a unique story. Her passion lies in bringing these stories to life on your skin. To create something truly special she strives for balance by creating a harmonious connection between your body and the tattoo.

Whether it’s a small, delicate design or a more intricate piece, Paula is here to craft a beautiful, balanced masterpiece that feels like an integral part of you.

Paula’s Portfolio