Realism & Surrealism • Black & Grey

Roudolf Tattoo Artist

Meet Roudolf, a realism and surrealism tattoo artist at The Old Stables.

Roudolf’s early fascination with art, nurtured in school, led him to seek deeper artistic pursuits. While working near a tattoo studio, he was inspired by their impressive creations, prompting him to pursue a career within the tattoo industry. He connected with tattoo artists who inspired him to further his skills.

And so in 2017, Roudolf relocated to London and enrolled on a university art course with the specific goal of refining his drawing and observational skills. Following this, he secured a tattoo apprenticeship at a prestigious studio, where his university efforts transformed his approach to tattooing and help further his creativity.

Roudolf’s style is based on black and grey realism, although it changes depending on the project. From illustrative to realism, and surrealism with double exposures. When a bigger project presents itself he really enjoys working with set themes – taking a story and recreating it visually.

In his spare time, Roudolf explores different types of art and mediums, creating art with oil, watercolour, pencil and charcoal. He loves the similarities and also the differences between all the mediums. Photography is a more recent love, and is a way of producing inspiration for tattoos and paintings.

Roudolf’s biggest inspirations come from classical art and mythology, such as the timeless beauty of classical art and the stunning form of ancient Greece and Renaissance paintings. Plus, myths from different cultures, whether it’s Greek gods or Norse legends. These stories add a touch of wonder and fascination to his work, creating art that’s both meaningful and captivating for others to enjoy.

As your tattoo artist, Roudolf is dedicated to bringing your ideas to life and ensuring a memorable experience at The Old Stables. Book in with Roudolf today!

Roudolf’s Portfolio