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Tanya Tattoo Artist

Meet Tanya, resident tattoo artist and piercer at The Old Stables.

Tanya’s journey into the world of tattooing was sparked by her passion for art and drawing. She embarked on her path by apprenticing at a street studio, where she embraced a wide array of styles, catering to both custom and walk-in tattoo requests. However, Tanya’s true joy lies in crafting her own designs, frequently making her flash art available for eager clients.

At The Old Stables, Tanya delves deeper into her preferred style, bringing more of her own creations to life through tattooing. In doing so, her artistic journey is a testament to her dedication. Above all, her love for designing tattoos resonates deeply with her clients.

Beyond the tattoo studio, Tanya finds inspiration from the worlds of fashion and music. These passions play a significant role in shaping her unique tattoo style and designs. In her downtime however, you often find her at the gym, staying active and channeling her energy into her craft.

Tanya is committed to delivering a memorable experience for her clients. She translate your ideas into stunning tattoos that reflect your individuality. Whether you’re looking for a custom design, one of her flash pieces, or have a unique concept in mind, she’s here to collaborate with you and turn your tattoo vision into reality.

Tanya’s Portfolio