Can I get a tattoo if…?

Written by Sinéad Kennard

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Can I get a tattoo if…

…I’m pregnant?

No. Like most things when it comes to pregnancy, there is an added risk for both you and your baby’s health. It is not worth risking contracting any infection, as well as there still being a minimal understanding into the research of how a tattoo may affect someone who is pregnant/the baby.

…I’m breastfeeding?

Most tattooists will not tattoo someone who is breastfeeding, like the risks of pregnancy, you are more prone to infection and it is still somewhat of uncharted territory in terms of research. It is crucial that you inform your tattooist if you are breastfeeding.

…I’m under 18 with parental consent?

No one can offer consent to an under 18 year old to get tattooed. This is against the law.

…I have psoriasis?

With each individual comes different skin and skin conditions. We always recommend booking in for a consultation when it comes to dermatological concerns, so that your tattooist can assess whether they can tattoo you in that specific area.

…I have Diabetes?

You can still get a tattoo if you have type 1 or 2 diabetes, but this needs to be controlled beforehand, (having stable blood sugar levels and a stable blood pressure). This is because you are more at risk of infection, and your tattoo may not heal as well or as quickly. It is important to do your research, and speak with your tattooist about any concerns you have.

…I have a cold?

Whilst you are able to get tattooed if you have a cold, we recommend that you wait until your body is on top form. This means it can focus on fighting off the cold and then put all its energy into a speedy and effective healing process. Getting tattooed when your body is full of cold/flu greatly impacts the chances of a slow healing process and the risk of infection as your immune system is already being strained. You also are adding in the danger of sneezing or coughing during your tattoo which is obviously not ideal.

…I’m on medication?

Before getting tattooed you will have to write down any medications you are currently taking in a consent form. We need to know this because certain medications that cause blood thinning can cause severe bruising. Antibiotics, (similarly to the reasoning behind not getting tattooed with a cold), are taken to fight off infection. You are potentially going to ruin the healing process of your tattoo, because your body is having to work twice as hard. They are also used to get rid of foreign antibodies in your body (which is exactly what tattoo ink is) so this will directly impact the healing of your tattoo. Other medications, such as acne medication, can cause your skin to be more sensitive, again impacting the healing process and even the pain you may feel during the tattoo session. We always recommend speaking with your tattooist about your medical history who may advise you to speak to your doctor, put your tattoo on hold, or that it’s completely fine.

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