Finding the right tattoo artist for you

Written by Sinéad Kennard

Find the right tattoo artist for you…

Deciding on getting a tattoo naturally brings a lot of choice and at The Old Stables Tattoo Studio. We believe that taking your time to find the right tattoo artist for you is always beneficial in both the short and long term. Here are our top tips for discovering the right tattoo artist for you…

Style specialists

See what tattoo styles you are drawn to as there is a wide difference between black work fine line and traditional Japanese colour work for example. You may discover an artist whose style you like, or know what style you like first and from there can find an artist that matches your desired tattoo aesthetic. Tattoo artists will often have available flash pieces that you can choose from or you have the option of bespoke custom work.

Social media is a must

We really recommend utilising social media when searching for a tattoo artist. You can easily access previous work by an artist you are considering on their instagram or tiktok page. Or use hashtags to discover specific styles, placement or general design ideas.

Reviews and recommendations

This may seem like an obvious one but with any big purchase you should look for positive reviews, such as on the tattoo studio website. As well as seeing if they have healed work on their social media or website. Lastly if you have friends and family who have got tattoos it is the perfect opportunity to ask them about their experience and to see the healed tattoo in person.

Pricing and postcode

Be mindful when searching for a tattoo artist that it is viable for you to travel to them. If you have settled on a tattoo artist and design you can then ask for a price quote. We suggest saving for the right artist as if you have put the time into picking them, then it is worth investing in a tattoo that is on you for life.

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