The five ‘w’s of fine line tattoos

Written by Sinéad Kennard

Fine Line Tattoos – Everything you need to consider

What are fine line tattoos?

Fine line tattoos is a fairly self explanatory descriptor, in simple terms it consists of intricate detail, thin precise line work and precision from your tattoo artist. This produces subtle and delicate pieces of art. You can see they are gaining in popularity. You find this style of tattoo is present in everything from pop culture, to your corporate office team accepting them as part of the norm. A result of their softer appearance means the door of tattoos is open to a wider audience. Fine line tattoos typically feature script, flowers, animals and humans.

Why fine line tattoos may or may not be the style for you…

Often these tattoos (and should, if done by a pro) look amazing for the first 5 to 10 years, due to their intricate detail. After 20 or 30 years this detail may not fair as well as other bolder tattoo styles. It is true that generally thicker line work has longer staying power. Due to the compact nature of fine line, you are more likely to get ‘bleed’ over time. This is where the lines become blurred and/or faded.

All tattoos run this risk if not done by a talented and careful artist alongside correct aftercare. The best way to look after your tattoo can be found through our ‘How should I look after my tattoo?’ blog. Fine line are even more susceptible to damage during the healing process. Ensure you are treating them with cleanliness and care; our recommended aftercare product can be bought in our studio.


The placement of a tattoo impacts its longevity. We recommend avoiding the ‘stretchiest’ areas of your skin because your artist needs to produce straight, continuous lines all inserted in the same depth and this will make it harder. Locations such as your wrist and inner elbow are also popular spots, but it’s worth considering that due to body movements they are more challenging to heal. It is harder for fine line tattoos to heal and hold in your skin on your fingers and feet due to thin skin and excessive use. You should also consider if you want your tattoo on show or easily hideable; luckily fine line tattoos are small and easy to hide if you want them to be.


A well executed fine line tattoo is clean, crisp and a visual delight. We have an incredible selection of fine line tattooists at The Old Stables Tattoo Studio who have mastered the art of creating beautiful tattoos in this style…

Tom has developed his own signature fine line style over his 8/9 years of experience. Alongside his love of realism, Tom produces fantastic small fine line tattoos which make for a great first tattoo if you’re after something discreet.

Em continuously creates conceptually unique designs. They work collaboratively with their clients to bring quirky and original ideas to life. Em specialises in illustrative black work, dot work, and fine line tattoos.

Paula joined the team in 2023 and has brought her love for fine line florals and delicate illustrative designs to the studio.

Tanya also joined the team in 2023 and covers a wide variety of fine line tattoo subjects. She’s always got an amazing selection of fine line flash pieces available.



You can book in for a tattoo with any of our specialist fine line tattooists by reaching out to them directly on instagram. Alternatively you can email or call the studio to enquire about your next tattoo at and 01923 825198.

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