Getting a tattoo with us – What I should  expect?

Written by Sinéad Kennard

Know the groove of The Old Stables Tattoo Studio!

Book in for a tattoo with us by contacting your preferred tattooist directly. Alternatively, reach out to the studio for some guidance via our contact page. Following communication with your tattooist (which may include an in-person consultation) a paid deposit and a confirmed date, time, and price is agreed.

Finally all you have to do is arrive! We recommend you plan your arrival for 15 minutes before the appointment. Then you have time, just in case there are problems with your journey. Especially if it’s your first time visiting our Greater London tattoo studio.

Finding us

We’re easy to find from the High Street in Northwood. Discover us tucked away down one of the alleyways. At this point you follow a passage around to the right-hand side. Follow this Google Maps link for more help here. Upon arrival, you are greeted by our lovely studio dog Frankie. A member of our friendly team also welcomes you inside. Your tattooist checks your signed digital consent form. Now comes the set up and they’re ready for you to go through to their bay.

Food and water

Hydration is key. A tattoo on a hangover is far from ideal (take our word for it). Also, why not download your favourite podcast or movie on your phone. Needing distraction from your tattoo is normal and we won’t be offended.

There’s a great coffee shop around the corner, but we don’t have many food shops nearby. With this in mind it’s definitely best to come prepared. This is especially important if you have a long tattoo session ahead of you.

Starting the process

Your tattooist confirms placement, and size and shows you the drawn up tattoo. Any desired adjustments are made and the skin is shaved giving a clean area to tattoo. Now the stencil is lined up and applied. Once both you and the tattooist are happy, you can sit back and relax. Feel free to discuss the expected time needed for the tattoo. Your tattooist will check in with you regularly that you’re doing okay or if you need a short break.

Ask away

There are no stupid questions or things we haven’t seen before. So if you want to know if we do anything  –from tattooing over freckles, to numbing cream – we are keen to provide reassurance and resolutions. In the studio it’s very likely there are other artists tattooing on the day too.

It’s always a warm, friendly atmosphere with music in the background and if you’re lucky fresh bakery items every Saturday.

Finishing up

At the end of your tattoo, our tattooists often like to take photographs of their work. They may even take short video clips of their progress throughout tattooing (with your consent.) Then, after your tattoo is clean, we wrap it in clingfilm to protect it on your journey home.

We advise you on our best aftercare tips as well as showing you our selection of aftercare products. Here you can also ask any other questions you may have before processing your payment and heading home.

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