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Written by Sinéad Kennard

Neo traditional tattoos – a history and style guide

Are you a neo traditional tattoo mega fan or novice? This blog provides the lowdown on this renowned tattoo style. Take a look at our top picks of artists from The Old Stables Tattoo Studio, and feel confident in choosing the next tattoo for you.

Neo traditional tattoos pay homage to American/Japanese traditional styles. Above all they add a modern twist by using strong colour palettes and bold lines.

In the late 1800’s Japanese artwork greatly influenced the world’s art scene. Additionally it fundamentally shaped the Art Nouveau style in the US and Europe. As can be seen by the characterisation of a focus on fluid lines, sculptural organic shapes, and ornamentation. This art scene is revolutionised through artists pushing the boundaries of extravagance and modernity. They are paramount in shaping the tattoo style of neo traditional, daring to blend styles.

Neo traditional tattoos are inspired by American traditional tattoos. These tattoos emerged in the early 20th century. Traditional tattoos were previously popular amongst sailors. As a result, this iconography is still influential in the style today. Subjects including animals, female portraits and mythical creatures are affiliated with neo traditional pieces.

Today they incorporate a more adventurous colour palette, intricate shading and dynamic compositions. Chiefly borrowing elements from other styles, neo traditional tattoos continue to adapt. Coupled with embracing changing and current trends including pop and tv culture inspirations.

 Our neo traditional tattoo artists

…Aaroné Realmao & Joni Smith

At The Old Stables Tattoo Studio when it comes to neo traditional tattoos it is impossible to not mention Aaroné Realmao. Above all Aaroné’s vast tattooing career of almost 20 years makes him a pillar of this style. He brings meaning and his own artistic expression into each piece he creates.

Here’s just some of Aaroné’s great work, check out his bio and artwork page and see his latest work on his Instagram page.

Introducing Joni Smith

Discover our resident tattoo artist at The Old Stables Tattoo Studio who loves pushing the boundaries of styles. Joni Smith loves being adventurous with colour. You can email us to enquire about your next (or first!) neo traditional piece, or alternatively reach out to our artists directly on social media.

Here’s just some of Joni’s great work, check out his bio and artwork page and see his latest work on his Instagram page.

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