The benefits of getting tattooed in winter

Written by Sinéad Kennard

There’s definitely perks to getting tattooed in winter…

There’s a fun feeling in Winter when you get a tattoo, but no one else knows it – thanks to the array of baggy jumpers! So perhaps the most obvious perk of getting tattooed in the colder months means your tattoo is easier to hide. Be it from the sunshine (or lack of!), or from your anti-tattoo family members visiting over Christmas.

All jokes aside, if you want your tattoo to last, it’s crucial that it heals well. The best way to do this is reducing its contact with sunlight as UV rays reduce the pigment in tattoos. Bathing in swimming pools or the ocean can increase the risk of infection, so avoiding these is essential, plus easier to do in the colder months! By the time summer comes, your tattoo will be fully healed, ready to show off and able to embrace your holiday.

During the healing process, in the first two weeks it is likely to scab and peel. This is the not so aesthetic part of getting tattooed. Thankfully a winter wardrobe means you avoid any paranoia of trying to conceal your healing tattoo.

As crisp winter mornings make a more frequent appearance, not everyone is keen on leaving the warmth of their home. Luckily this means that you have less competition when trying to book in with your desired tattooist. There is also less tourist and walk-in footfall so your artists attention will be on you alone.

We hope you found our top reasons to get tattooed in winter helpful, if you have any worries or questions please reach out!

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