Why get a Tattoo?

Written by Sinéad Kennard


Facing your tattoo fears…

In this blog post we look at the whys and wherefores of getting a tattoo.

Which artist is right for me?

We are a growing collective of over 13 tattoo artists and each of these specialise in different tattoo styles and designs. Check out all of the tattoo artists on social media and see who you are drawn to artistically. If you know what design you’d like, and still aren’t sure who would be the best fit, we are always happy to recommend a tattooist for you. We may even recommend people outside of The Old Stables Tattoo Studio, we just want the best fit for you.

How do I choose a design?

Sometimes it might feel like too much choice is a bad thing. When deciding what to have tattooed on your body, it’s only natural to really consider the design you like. Each of our artists specialise in specific tattoo styles. So it may be a good place to start by working out what style of tattoo you naturally lean towards. Our artists are happy to give suggestions on what they think looks best. If you give them more creative freedom, you may find you get a more bespoke individual piece. We also suggest booking in for a consultation, so you and the artist can really narrow down what sort of tattoo you’re after.

Will my skin be an issue?

Everyone’s skin is unique and reacts differently to getting a tattoo. For those who may have specific skin conditions or concerns we suggest booking in for a consultation. This way your artist can discuss the best avenue for you. For example, with conditions such as eczema, it may be best to consider a different placement. If you have scars, for example, you need to wait until they are fully healed. You can also send photos to your tattoo artist if requested.

What If I can’t deal with the pain?

This is a frequently asked concern of clients and we have a great ‘pain guide’ for you to read. Above all we want to make you feel as comfortable as possible when getting tattooed. You can purchase numbing cream at the tattoo studio or online. This can be applied for you before getting tattooed. Consequently it can help reduce pre tattoo fears. Perhaps you are apprehensive about long sittings and dealing with pain? If that is the case, our artists are happy to stop, if you need occasional breaks.

Will it stop me from getting a job?

It may be worth speaking with your employer if you are concerned about new tattoos affecting your job. However, in terms of future employment you can also look into how this may affect specific career paths online. Alternatively, getting tattoos that can be covered by clothing and rethinking placement is a great way to get the tattoo you want, without worrying about future employment. Above all, consider your tattoo carefully, getting any swear words tattooed is an obvious one to avoid if you’re concerned about employability.

What if I can’t afford it?

It is always worth investing in your tattoos as you have them for life. Our prices reflect the time taken for the artists to draw up your design. Along with the years taken to hone the expertise and craft, and the equipment needed to produce your tattoo. It’s worth checking with your artist if you can book several months in advance, so you have time to save up. Another option could be reworking your design with your artist, so it’s smaller or simplified and therefore more affordable for you.

Will weight gain or loss affect my tattoos in the future?

Your tattoo changes over time as your skin does. Weight gain or loss inevitably impacts how your tattoo looks. If this is something you are concerned about, placement areas such as arms and legs are less affected by weight changes. You can also address any concerns with your artist and they can advise you accordingly.

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