Tommy B

Realism • Fine Line

Tommy B Tattoo Artist
Tommy B Tattoo Artist

Meet Tommy, resident tattoo artist at The Old Stables Tattoo Studio.

His journey in the world of tattooing began in Fulham, where he had a transformative experience that set him on this path. After getting extensively tattooed by a skilled artist, he was offered an apprenticeship that challenged him to create 150 drawings in just three months. This opportunity led him to develop his signature fineline style, which has earned him a loyal customer base and strong client relationships. While he enjoys exploring realism, it’s the fineline style that truly captivates him.

With 8 to 9 years of dedicated experience, Tom has honed his craft and takes pride in bringing his clients’ tattoo dreams to life. Tattooing is not just a job for him; it’s a passion that fuels his creativity and brings joy to both himself and his clients.

Outside of the London tattoo studio, you find Tom pursuing various interests and hobbies. He’s an avid cinema-goer and a fan of fantasy TV shows like Game of Thrones, Last of Us, and Arcane. Additionally, he’s an enthusiastic foodie, always on the lookout for new restaurants and cuisines to savour, with Mexican and Italian dishes being his absolute favourites.

At The Old Stables, discover a community of artists dedicated to creating an exceptional experience for every client. Whether you’re interested in a stunning fineline piece or exploring the world of realism, Tommy is here to collaborate with you and turn your tattoo vision into a reality.

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